Keep the Buzz, Lose the Words

By Kerry Murphy

Attention. This blog post is going to be revolutionary, cutting edge, unique and state of the art.  It will be the leading provider in blog satisfaction through its state of the art tone and delivery with its exclusive real time content.

Buzzwords. I think it’s safe to say that most of us communications professionals have been guilty of using, and overusing them, at one moment or another. Why do we do this? We know it’s wrong. We know it reflects poorly on us as communications (ironic, eh?) professionals. We know influencers hate it. We know these words end up as e-mails in spam folders and cause a glazing (or even rolling) of the eyes for those who read them.

So why do we do it? After reading PR Daily’s recent piece on the subject, we started talking and thinking about all this here at 360. What did we come up with? We don’t really know why these words are still so pervasive in the industry. Why they just won’t go away.

We at 360 pledge to make a conscientious effort to ban the buzzwords, get out a thesaurus, dig deep into those word and language sharp brains of ours, and come up with words that simply say what we want them to say and speak to the people we are trying to reach in a way that makes sense and delivers value for our clients.

What do you say? We’re in…