Weekly Digital News: Kings and Queens of Social Media

If you thought your High School graduation signified the end of the rat race for popularity, you were mistaken. This week, the focus was on maintaining a “cream of the crop” social media status, whether you’re a blogger, avid Facebook user, or intern relegated to delivering the daily dose of java for the office. Check out some of the following articles for some pointers on excelling in the digital space.

Copyblogger “The Real Secret to Becoming a Popular Blogger” – These days, who doesn’t have a blog? Many infants do. So do some canines. But how many people are actually reading your blog on a regular basis is what really matters. How do you become part of the blogosphere’s inner circle? According to Johnny Truant at Copyblogger, your need to be interesting, smart and relatable. Sound similar to the dating scene to anyone else? C’est la vie.

Mashable “Dunkin Run Automates your Coffee Breaks on the Web and iPhone” – “America Runs on Dunkin.” At least the Northeast does, that is. But when everyone in the office is working on deadline, in a meeting, or on a call, it’s tough to facilitate that mid-afternoon caffeine pick-me-up. With an ingenious new application from Dunkin’ Donuts however, you can collect a list of orders before you head out the door. Coffee’s never tasted so sweet.

AllFacebook “How To Get Your Facebook User Name Back From a Squatter” – After reading our post about Facebook Vanity URLs, and CNET’s article on the same topic, you might’ve scrambled to secure your personalized URL. But if you waited to make your claim, you might be out of luck. Check out this article from AllFacebook before you fret. Note however, that if you can’t prove your URL is your livelihood, it might be time to consider a legal name change.