By: 360PR

Last week can be summed up in one word: ‘cool.’ Not only was the sun all but absent as it rained nearly every day in Boston, the previous week’s digital news reminded us that in order to be ‘cool’ within the social media world, having a Facebook account, Twitter Handle, and blog simply aren’t enough. You also have to be familiar with flash mobs, have good Twitter karma and a page. Two things are now clear – there will be days in June where you’ll need a fleece jacket, and, keeping up with the social media Joneses will keep you on your toes.

CNET “A User’s Guide to Personalizing Your Facebook URL”360’s own John LeRoy shared his thoughts on the scramble to claim personalized Facebook URLs last week, but what exactly does Facebook’s latest shake-up mean to you? Should you be concerned if your name isn’t yet claimed? Should you even care? Check out this article from CNET and see what all the fuss is about.

Mashable “TweetDeck Desktop vs. Seesmic Desktop” – Do you TweetDeck or Seesmic? Let Mashable fill you in on the pros and cons of both, then decide for yourself where your Twitter-desktop-application loyalty lies.

MediaPost “‘Touch’ Hammers Home A&E Marketing Campaign” – Imagine, you’re shopping in a regular store, minding your own business, when a surge of men and women in baggy, gold lame pants come rushing in and dancing in coordination to MC Hammer’s “Can’t Touch This.” Sound like a dream? It was reality for a group of unsuspecting consumers one seemingly normal afternoon in Los Angeles. This relatively new marketing strategy is catching on like wild-fire – watch and see why.

Mashable “Ten Twitter Tools to Organize Your Tweeps” – With Twitter, you have your update stream, replies, direct messages and key word searches. You can even see Facebook status updates with certain applications. So how do you keep it all straight while keeping your sanity? This piece from Mashable tells of the most essential Twitter tools you need to stay in-the-know. But be warned: your Qwitter results may be tough to swallow.

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