Weekly Digital News: The Many Uses of Social Media

It’s Friday and the weather is beautiful in Boston. But, while the city is in full-swing prepping for the marathon, my grandmother friended me on Facebook, someone accepted a marriage proposal on Twitter, and juggling all forms of social media just got easier. Intrigued? Check out some of these digital stories to end your week on the right foot:

CNN “All in the Facebook Family: Older Generations Join Social Networks” – Before you step away from your computer this Friday, make sure to friend your grandmother. Nowadays, everyone and their brother (literally!) is on Facebook. According to the Facebook press page, the fastest growing demographic is 35 years and older. People of all ages are using the site to stay in touch, and families are finding the site to be an important tool in connecting.

JMorgan Marketing “Time to Manage Your Social Media” – Social media plays a large part in the way we live our daily lives (especially in PR,) and it’s difficult not to feel overwhelmed by the fast-paced and ever-changing technology. Check out this article for a few simple tips on ways to manage. After all, media and technology should assist us in making our lives easier, not more stressful.

Mashable “10 Most Extraordinary Twitter Updates” – The twitterverse is expansive, and the context of tweets you come across varies greatly depending on who you’re following. Some people want to let you know that their dentist recommends they floss more frequently. Others use it to let their network know of their weekend plans. On the other hand, Twitter has been used in some pretty remarkable situations. Skeptical? Even unborn children have jumped on the Twitter bandwagon! I wonder what the preferred fetus desktop client is – Twhirl or Tweetdeck?