So you think you can write…

I was catching up on reading over the holidays (which seem like forever ago), and came across this really useful post from CopyBlogger27 Common Misused Words.  I got the first few right…and read on hopefully (I hope I’ve used hopefully correctly).

CopyBlogger adeptly clarifies for us when to use farther and not further, premier and not premiere, who and whom…and the list goes on.  While I fared pretty well, I’m not telling which blog posts I’m going back to edit.  Thankfully I can correct the past online.  I’d never make it as a print journalist.  Just think of the finality of your words – oh, the pressure!

“I’m a good writer” is the phrase I’ve heard most often in interviews with candidates embarking on (or continuing) their PR career.  But CopyBlogger’s post is a reminder of how often words are misused.  You can’t rely on spellcheck for everything, and in PR words count.